Friday, 13 February 2015

Concrete Block making Machine Manufacturers

A long time from now, Parijatha has been a part of concrete block utilizing the concrete block making machines.The blocks are used for various constructions and built with the specification as required by the client.  The preparation of these blocks is with a step by step process and implementing advanced techniques. The products manufactured from these machines are of high quality, also the composition of the raw materials are maintained at its natural state and the process of quality analysis has been adhered to the requirements of international standard of organization.
The concrete block making machine works on an automatic system where the empty pallets are filled with raw material to undertake the product cycle and release with the concrete blocks automatically. The operator panel is adjusted based on the type of product output from the machine. This helps to monitor the production process by the operator and vary the adjustments in accordance. The machine has a provision for feed-box and face mix. With a single click operation the molding and remolding, loading and unloading of the pallets is done by adjusting the timer and most efficiently. The machine is provided with a automatic centralized lubricating system for smooth and easy working of the block making machine.
The concrete blockmaking machine are created examining the following feature for easy maneuver:-
  Robust and hardy construction

  •   Work at ease and safe.
  • Easy operation and  maintenance
  • Reduced machine space.
  • Blocks produced are precise in specification
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Cost effective.

In addition to the machines manufactured to accustomed different standards and concrete blocks used in the construction of house, office, etc. The customers are supported with appropriate sales and product functions where the product is delivered with client specification. This enable the choice of concrete block making machines at Parijatha.


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