Friday, 8 May 2015

Build Yourself a Concrete Block Making Machine with Parijatha

Building concrete blocks is a sign of sound and well established business. They are used all over the world today for countless number of projects. It is certainly a predominant commodity for conducting important business trades. Concrete blocks will forever remain a top demand because of their flexible nature. In order to find the perfect Concrete Block MakingMachine, one has to rely on Parijatha. With technological advancement, smart and quick methods have emerged that make concrete block making an easy affair.
There are several kinds of concrete block making machines. One is semi-automatic laying type which is quite easy to handle. It produces blocks of different sizes and designs. Second is auto ramming machine which boosts the production of blocks that are quite high in terms of speed. For the construction of different kinds of blocks, it uses the help of steel or wooden plates. These machines are best known for its implausible performance and low costing. Third, there are hydraulic operated machines which are long lasting and well built in nature. Its capacity is much more than regular machines because of which it is very much possible to reach high operational efficiency in the future.
The manufacturing process of these concrete block making machines is quite simple. Raw material is prepared using gravel, sand and water. The percentage of sand is much higher when compared with other materials. It helps in the construction of beams and columns. This surely does lessen the hardiness of concrete blocks. In order to build lightweight blocks, clay is used instead of sand. First it is heated at a very high temperature after until the material becomes light weighted. Such blocks are best for building walls and paritition where the load bearing requirement is limited.


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