Friday, 13 February 2015

Concrete Block Making Machines Manufacturers in Bangalore

The technology so advanced and engineered to precision in the manufacturing industries of the concrete block making machines. The machine is designed with the support of cutting edge automation that produces diverse blocks like solid, cavity, corner column, gutter, etc.,.   The installation and handling of the machinery is at ease and a unique design for the bricks and pave blocks manufacturing, beneficial for mass production.The machine is of high quality and strength and high in efficiency.
With such a high level of development of base frame work, Parijatha is involved in the manufacturing and exporting business of concreteblock making machine used across the construction industries. The machineries are finely constructed with the help of the engineered skill labor under the stern control of process check.Adhering to the ISO standards of the industry with safety and welfare of the people working on the machinery.  The block making machine weighs about 350kgs with a shift capacity of 800 simultaneous blocks. The motor operates as a single phase with specific size and shape of the blocks required. These machines are adjusted for customized requirement of the blocks for construction purpose, recreation.
The advantages of such concrete block making machine is its robustness, long durability, pricing of the device is economical, and the finish and the accuracy of the dimension is very precise. The power consumption of the machine is minimal and comes with high performance operation. The block productions of the machines are built with sturdiness to resist the vibration during the manufacturing of the concrete block. It operates on a single click which continues with automatically regulating the time. The functioning of the machines is smooth and comes with a guarantee period. The service and replacement of the parts and components are also provided.
The prominence and excellence of service enlists the concrete block making machinesto the costumers.

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