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Buoyant About the Future

Jayaram Ramesh, MD,
Sri Parijatha Machinery
Works pvt. ltd. 

J.Ramesh, Managing Director of the company, speaking about their latest launches of  block making  machines, planetary  mixers & many more.

Sri Parijatha has made rapid inroads into the Indian concrete block making machinery market. The company offers a wide range of products including, automatic  block making  machines, planetary  mixers,  conveyors  and batching  systems  for  tile  and  block plants,  manufactured  at  its  state-of-the-art  plant  located  in Bengaluru. Known for its strong R&D focus and range of innovative machines, the company has been able to hold itself against tough competition. In an exclusive interview with The Master-builder, J.Ramesh, Managing Director of the company, gave an overview of their latest launches and what makes the company's product offerings different from others. Here are the excerpts from the interview. Give us an overview of the new products that you have launched recently?

 Parijatha is now focusing on latest technologies for precast concrete, which enable the industry to evolve and meet the latest demands and needs. The “Wet Press System”, which has been successfully developed by Parijatha, has been very well accepted by customers. Recently Parijatha has launched the “Three Station Hermetic Wet Press” used to manufacture very high density products like tiles, slabs, and paving products. We have also recently launched the “Heavy duty Linear Wet Press”, which is used to manufacture high density kerb stones, flag stones, saucer drains, drain covering slabs and other related products.

How has been the response to the linear wet press machine that you launched a few months ago? The linear wet press launched recently has been a resounding success and very well accepted by our customers. The performance of the machine has exceeded the expectations of our customers. In fact, buoyed by the success, we are working with our clients to provide new and innovative products some of which are one of a kind. The quality of the products manufactured by this machine has been appreciated and accepted by architects, designers, engineers and builders. Parijatha is among the only three manufacturers in the world to fully develop and manufacture the complete machine with in-house technology and manufacturing facility.

L Wet Press

 Given the consistent growth in demand for concrete product machinery, what have been your R&D focus areas in recent times? Our R&D focus has been mainly in developing  technologies,  which  will increase the level of automation in our range of machinery, which will enable our customers to increase the consistency of products’ quality largely unaffected  by  human  errors  and  most importantly  minimize  labour  requirement. Therefore, over the coming years you will see Parijatha  offering  more automated products.

Aftermarket services have emerged as a key differentiating factor in recent times. Tell us about your aftermarket services? Parijatha has emerged as the leader in this industry over the years mainly due its excellent after sales support in terms of spare supply and timely service. Moreover, Parijatha has the unique combination and advantage of being manufacturers of products and machines since four decades. So, we are able to support our customers in many areas like providing mix designs, new product designs, solving production problems, advising the best product combination based on the market demand and many other invaluable information, which will immensely benefit the customers in the long run.

 Are you satisfied with the thrust being given to the use of fly ash based concrete products in the country?
Sadly, the use of fly ash has need not fully promoted, especially among the small and medium scale segment of manufacturers. These manufacturers who form the very core of precast industry in our vast and diversified country are not having proper access to quality fly ash at a reasonable price. This is due to poor support by the government. Moreover, tax benefits like excise duty reduction for fly ash based products can benefit this industry in the long run. 

PBM Plus

What would be your wish list to the new government that will take over after the general elections for the betterment of the concrete block making machinery manufacturers?
Focus on infrastructure development has always taken a back seat by most governments in the past since most of the country's resources have been diverted and squandered in social spending. Also, the poor quality of construction in many projects especially in roads, etc. has not helped us expand our road network since precious money being allocated is being used up for the upkeep of the present infrastructure. Therefore, the new government should focus on the quality of our construction, formulate strict laws and enforce them to punish erring contractors. The government should also provide with a fool proof system and network to ensure proper compliance of quality parameters by use of proper equipment, systems and construction raw material.

A word about your future expansion plans. Parijatha plans to introduce this year the “Four Station Rotary Press”, which will offer higher production with lesser labour requirements than our existing range of presses. We also plan to introduce the larger pallet size “Vibro-press Block” machines with complete line like elevator, finger car, cuber and lowerator technologies to cater to the evolving customers’ requirements.  

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