Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine is all in One

The demand for interlock paving block, building block and Kerb stones’ are in highly demanded presently. Parijatha, the leading name in Concrete Block Making Machine, also offer high quality finish products in most competitive price. They have developed the machine using their decades’ of expertise in the field of concrete blocking machine.  This machine is designed to produce all types of concrete block from interlock paving to kerb stones. Although this machine is robustly constructed, still it is very user-friendly and products manufactured by this machine meet highest international standards. As this machine is easy to operate and maintain and fully automated, so any unskilled laborer can also operate this machine smoothly without knowing nitty-gritty of technicalities. 

In order to ensure uniform material feeding into mould cavity, especially designed feed box with leveling device are provided in the machine. Along with additional feed box for face mix, pallets which have been emptied fed automatically after each cycle and finish block eject automatically. Due to having robust construction of the machine, it can be smoothly operational under any extreme climatic conditions. 

Provided with PLC control electrical units which come with multiple features to adjust from according to the need of the product to be manufactured. To facilitate the monitoring of the operation, it comes with display panel as well. The entire mobile parts in this machine are heavily constructed and needed little or no lubrication and maintenance at all. The vibration, pressing, demoulding all these works are done automatically utilizing PLC control where operation control is not required.  For paramount pressing and hassle-free working, high-end Hydraulic power pack is provided in each machine. Concrete Block Making Machine is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get superior quality concrete block along with minimum maintenance cost. In 22 Hp of power, this machine can produce 1200 Cycle/8 hours with 600 x700 pallet size.  

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  1. what is the speed and production difference of Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine and Concrete Block Making Machinei know in prices there are not much different.