Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tile Making Machine That Can Produce Multiple Products Efficiently

Parijatha is the pre-eminent manufacturer of TileMaking Machine in Bangalore, where along with machine, superior quality tiles are also provider in most affordable price. This designer tile making machine is sold under the brand name APM-216 HD and is capable of produce multiple varieties of durable tiles, viz. heavy-duty tiles or slabs, interlocking paving blocks, Terrazzo tiles and wide range of pressed concrete elements as per the specification of the clients. 

In order to make the tile making machine match international standard relentless R&D has been conducted and provided with most robust construction which can withstand industrial wear and tear and provide high-end products consistently.     

Unmatched tiles, in terms of durability, shape and accuracy can be achieved by means of sophisticated tile making machine like AMP-216 HD. This Designer Tile Making Machine is built with long-lasting column, frame, base, related matching components and moulds, and most  sophisticated technology has been used, which is why the entire unit is proved to be best in terms of dimensional accuracy as abide by international standard.

Tile Making Machine is can be operational under the harshest working condition and provide hassle-free and user-friendly operation. Due to having fully automated dual station rotary press, auto pressing, vibration, ejection and removal, this machine is considered the best choice for anyone who wants to start tile making business.

Following are some of the important features, which made the Designer Tile Making Machine unique by its own.

·         Interchangeable inner ring has been provided for variety of tiles making
·         Unvarying thickness can be maintained thus superior edges and corner can be achieved
·         For motorized vibration, uniform distribution of the first layer
·         Auto filling, removal and ejection
·         High-end hydraulic power press has been provided as it is mandatory to manufacture high-end tiles

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