Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Concrete Block Making Machine that Minimize Maintenance Cost

Concrete Block Making Machine is one is the most important equipment to produce concrete blocks, which are used for building pavement and son many other things. After numerous R&D this machine was developed. Along with robust construction to withstand severe vibration produced when the machine is operational, it has the most user-friendly functionality. In majority of the machine available in the market have some disadvantageous features like cost of maintenance is very high in this machine. Keeping in mind your specific requirement, we have come up with the most efficient Automatic BlockMachine which will yield high profit under low maintenance costs.  
Block Machine PBM 06
In this Automatic Block Machine, intensity of pressing and demoulding tasks is controlled by single button operation. For fast production, loading and unloading of pallets should be very easy and fast, what is provided very efficiently in this Block Making Machine. For easy operation and maintenance and smooth operating, every machine comes with in-build electric panels, which is very crucial for any block making machine. Besides, highly engineered, adequately functional push button lever switches also provided for smooth operation of the machine. The cutting-edge powerful hydraulic systems which proved to be the most beneficial for hassle-free operation and demand minimum maintenance is also in-built in this machine. To maximize capacity & strength, our Block Machine PBM 06, comes with efficient vibration and pressing systems. There is an automatic centralized lubricating system which consistently lubricates the critical parts of the machine to ensure smooth operation. This Automatic Block Machine has most precise and easy material discharge utilizing overhead hopper and single liver operation. In order to provide safe working condition, along with electrical interlocking system, mechanical interlocking systems is also provided. It has superior Vibrato Table and most importantly synchronized PLC control to conduct vibration pressing and demoulding. In terms of technical specification, this highly efficient machine required 8 Hp power to produce 900 to 1000 Cycles/ Pallets per 8 hours shift whereas the pallet dimension is 60 cm X 45 cm.

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  1. Concrete Block Making Machine not really Minimize Maintenance Cost because i have experience it for Concrete Block Making Machine service take too much money which i never expected.